Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting off February with the same old

Yes Vancouver, you have winters of endless overcast skies.

What Vancouver winters typically don't have, however, are weeks on end of 9, 10, or 11 degree Celsius (45-50 Fahrenheit) temperatures, or spring flowers blooming in January.

Check out the weather forecast for the next four days:

Vancouver skipped past January and February and went straight into our typical March and April weather.

On travel forums, people from supposed "warmer" countries are concerned about dressing warm enough for Vancouver during the Olympics.

Yes, dress for warmth.

Bring your t-shirts, your jeans, and your hoodies. Save your swimsuits and shorts.

Meanwhile, I spoke to a woman today who went without power for 4 days due to an icestorm in her home state of Oklahoma.

Back in Vancouver, Cypress Mountain has lost all its snow and is looking past Plan B to option Z: helicopter/truck in snow from neighbouring mountains.

What is it? 11 days to go.

11 days to go before the Olympics.

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