Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 Olympic torch relay map

My sister just sent me a link to an interactive map of the Olympic torch relay:

It's finishing up this Friday (with Arnold Schwarzeneggar taking it through Stanley Park? How random). But not before making its way through the Lower Mainland, including Surrey, Ladner, and my very own home town of Steveston.

That's right, the Olympic torch is making its way down Steveston Highway, to Railway Ave to Moncton Street - a block away from the home I grew up in. I'll make its way through Steveston village at approximately 5:50pm and then it'll head to Richmond's O-Zone festivities for the night.

It's a bit surreal.

You know, the Olympics have been behemoth and have overshadowed everything else here. At the same time, it's very easy to become jaded by the whole thing. "Oh, it's just the Olympic torch relay."

And yet, the little girl inside of me is just beaming to think of the Olympic torch making its way down through my old stomping grounds. I'd be foolish not to go.

Looks like somebody's going to be late for her 7pm photography class tomorrow!

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