Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday night along False Creek


Blogger said...

Nice pics! Are you in a photography class?

I've been meaning to find a class to join.

Robyn said...


haha... yes I am. I started taking a very intro class at Focal Point, out on W 10th by UBC. I also considered Langara, which is supposed to be excellent. So far I'm really happy with the class. It's a good excuse to get out.

Blogger said...

Sounds cool.

I was looking at joining one at... whats the name of that art gallery/school thingy over on Granville Island? It's named after a lady. Mmmmm... I forgot.

Anyway, I was looking at doing a class there, but wasn't sure whether I should join the "Beginners" course of the "Intermediate" course. I didn't want to waste $250 on the Beginners course if I know everything they intend on teaching.

Robyn said...

Emily Carr.

I was debating the same thing, but then opted for the beginner's class just because I figured I wanted to build a solid foundation and confirm that I covered absolutely everything before pursuing it further.

The reality is that I'm perhaps more advanced than most of my classmates, but I'm also learning things - theory, techniques, etc. - I didn't know before. So *shrug* it depends...