Saturday, February 6, 2010

BBC's take on the 2010 Winter Olympics

This ad is a work of art!


Unknown said...

I am so pleased you have seen the BBC trailer - its been showing for around 2 weeks now and is the best trailer they have done for ages (but I am biased as it's for the event in my favourite city).

The yellow boxing kangeroo should stay on that building!

Have a terrific Olympic time! As always Robyn, I love the blog!

Sue (Reading, UK)

Robyn said...

Biased or not, I think everyone can agree that the whole atmosphere of the ad captures a certain mythical, magical feel. And I love how they manage to showcase a variety of the different sporting events into the miniature storyline. It was very well thought out, but the design aesthetic is also quite stunning!

I agree - the flag should stay. As of this afternoon, it was still there. I think they're keeping it until they receive a formal letter telling them otherwise.

As always, thanks for the comments Sue! :) I'll be sure to have fun... and I'll likely be posting all about it as it happens.

Lorra Fae said...

That's a pretty awesome commercial.

Unknown said...

Watch the colour version (broadcast on the BBC since the games commenced)