Sunday, January 31, 2010

More free concerts during the Olympics

So here I am thinking that I'd be in Vancouver for the majority of the free Olympics concerts (which I wrote about last week here), but I just discovered that there's quite the impressive assortment of free concerts happening in Richmond for their Olympics cultural event, O Zone.

Since I work in Richmond, there's a good chance I'll just be sticking around after work to attend some of these shows. I'm particularly interested in seeing Jill Barber, the Bedouin Soundclash, The Stills, Kathleen Edwards, Five Alarm Funk, Tokyo Police Club, and Spirit of Uganda.

The following list was taken directly from the O-Zone website  (where you can read detailed descriptions of each band, here), however I've compiled the list into chronological order below.

Friday 12-Feb-10
3:45 pm Richmond 3,500 Children’s Choir
5:15 pm The Jardines
9:15 pm Abandon Paris Band
10:15 pm Venice Queen

Saturday 13-Feb-10
5:30 pm Voodoo Allstars
8:00 pm Hey Ocean
9:30 pm Bedouin Soundclash

Sunday 14-Feb-10
8:00 pm Lions Dance and Performance
9:30 pm F.I.R. (飛兒樂團)

Monday 15-Feb-10
3:30pm Richmond Honour Choir
4:15pm Payton Rector
5:00 pm Showstoppers
6:15 pm Youth Concert Band
8:30 pm Jenn Grant
9:45 pm Kathleen Edwards

Tuesday 16-Feb-10
4:00 pm Bring Your Own Drum Featuring Vigari
5:30 pm Nisga’a, Hugh Boyd & Tetsu Taiko Drummers with MacNeill Dancers
8:00 pm SFU Pipe Band
10:00 pm Spirit of Uganda

Wednesday 17-Feb-10
3:30 pm Jillian Lebeck
5:15 pm Dal Richards
8:00 pm Jill Barber
9:30 pm Hawksley Workman

Thursday 18-Feb-10
4:30 pm Ken McCoy
6:00 pm Whiskey Jane
8:30 pm Arkells
9:45 pm Our Lady Peace

Friday 19-Feb-10
5:15 pm Tiller's Folly
8:00 pm DRUM!

Saturday 20-Feb-10
3:15 pm Rallycar
8:00 pm Ultimate Power Duo
9:30 pm Mariana's Trench

Sunday 21-Feb-10
3:00 pm Mud Dog
4:00 pm Kelly Brock
7:15 pm Babe Gurr
8:15 pm Swank
9:30 pm Dustin Bentall

Monday 22-Feb-10
7:45pm Ugetsu
9:00 pm Alex Cuba
10:15 pm Orquesta Goma Dura

Tuesday 23-Feb-10
3:30 pm From Darkness to Light - Canada’s North
3:30 pm Shiamak Presents
7:45 pm New Native Music Review
9:00 pm George Leach
10:15 pm Donny Parenteau

Wednesday 24-Feb-10
8:00 pm Tigerstyle
9:00 pm Dal Hothi and the Headlines
10:15pm En Karma

Thursday 25-Feb-10
3:30 pm Brave Waves
8:00 pm Two Hours Traffic
9:30 pm Wintersleep

Friday 26-Feb-10
4:45 pm This Means Nothing in Mexico
8:30 pm Quinzy
9:45 pm Tokyo Police Club

Saturday 27-Feb-10
3:30 pm Wonderbolt Circus
5:15 pm Wonderbolt Circus
9:00 pm The Dudes
10:15 pm The Stills

Sunday 28-Feb-10
3:15 pm Cousin Harley
4:30 pm March Hare
9:30 pm Five Alarm Funk
10:30 pm DJ Alex Merrell

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