Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vancouver New Year's Eve 2010

Unlike Whistler, Vancouver doesn't really have any public festivities at NYE. No fireworks, sadly, and no public square to collectively celebrate. (Drunk on Granville Street doesn't count.) But it's often cold and rainy anyway - not so fun to be outside then.

Saying that, almost every restaurant has a special dinner promotion and most night clubs, lounges, and hotels host massive parties. You typically have to purchase tickets or make reservations well ahead of time.

Here's a good list of some of the New Year's Eve parties happening around Vancouver:

And here's a quick glance at what some of the city's restaurants are doing for NYE:

As I mentioned, it's hard to recommend an actual NYE party because every year the venues host something different, and many locals just go to house parties on NYE anyway. This year I'm heading to Chambar (fantastic Belgian restaurant) with a group of friends which I'm looking forward to.

What are you doing for NYE?


Blogger said...

CinCin seems like a good option.

Have never been, but have heard good things about it.

Robyn said...

Yeah, I too have never been there. It was sort of a foodie establishment well before Vancouver became a city of foodie establishments, so in a way, it's old school. ;) Looks nice (from what I've seen!)

Glynis Peters said...

Just dropped by to wish you seasons greetings from Cyprus. New Year will see me with the villagers, eating and drinking Cypriot style.
Have fun.

Alex K said...

Belly dancing, samba, live salsa band.. The empire affair looks interesting.

Robyn said...

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Glynis! I'm envious of your Cypriot lifestyle. ;) Have a wonderful New Year!

Admin said...

Just dropped by to Wish you Merry Christmas. Wishing you more blessings and all the best!
from Manila -Philippines

Robyn said...

Merry Christmas Bea!

Unknown said...

A Happy New Year. Spent NYE in Reading and then London with good friends eating/drinking/chilling out. Sue