Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a stat holiday in BC so most people have the day off. It's also the day when stores holds massive Boxing Day Sales which is actually one of the busiest shopping days of the year in Canada.

I grew up in a family that poo-poo'ed the idea of going shopping the day after being spoiled by Christmas loot, so I've never been one to go shopping on Boxing Day. And having once worked in retail on Boxing Day many moons ago, I can't think of any greater hell. I mean, the malls and stores are often crazier on Boxing Day than they are before Christmas - no thanks!

Today we just chilled out at home, eating tourtière and drinking eggnog coffee while playing around with our new toys. I received a new macro lens for Christmas, and so, with the eery fog taking over the city this late afternoon, I had to snap a few preliminary pics! Just testing the waters....

Foggy Boxing Day in Vancouver

Foggy Boxing Day in Vancouver

Foggy Boxing Day in Vancouver

Foggy Boxing Day in Vancouver

Foggy Boxing Day in Vancouver


Blogger said...

Yeah, the streets were CA-RAZY today! Didnt like it at all. Granville St and Sears were packed!!

And the fog was so freaky today wasn't it?

I couldn't see North Vancouver from Yaletown at 2:00pm. While I took a nap the fog rolled into the city and by 3:30pm and I couldnt see the apartment block across the road!!

Robyn said...

The fog was totally freaky! I went for a quick grocery shop at Choices, and while walking back down Homer Street, the fog had just then started to creep up towards my building... and the sun was shining through it in such a way, it was very dramatic... cinematic... atmospheric. The shadows and light were incredible - so very moody! I only managed to capture the fog out my window, and even then, it was putting on quite the show!

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