Monday, December 28, 2009

Late night grocery shopping at Superstore

We're still in a post-Christmas chill-out mood, so we're not really socializing but we're hanging around at home tidying things up and doing a much-needed cleaning. Realizing our cupboards were absolutely bare, we decided to head out to Superstore at the foot of Main Street for a bit of grocery shopping. Being a Sunday at 9:30pm, I looked around online to see if it would still be open late, and sure enough, it would be open until 11pm. Sweet.

Superstore (aka: the Real Canadian Superstore) is a guilty pleasure of mine. I'll gladly go out of my way to shop there. It's not only because it's affordable, or that you're forced to bag your own groceries, but it's because of its international products and its President's Choice brand.

President's Choice is the store's own brand of products, but it's really top quality stuff. At least that's been my experience. I'm always tempted to pick up random items that I wouldn't otherwise need, like salsa verde, simply because I feel, "hey, it's President's Choice - it'll be good!"

And then I'll come across a mountainous display of potato chips, with flavours like like tandoori BBQ.

How can you resist tandoori BBQ chips? You can't! Well, they also had this flavour called "Greek" which I think was a blend of feta, oregano, and perhaps even olive. Well, that went into our shopping cart too. And then I saw their Portuguese peri peri sauce potato chips. Yup. Into the cart they went. And then a few moments later we passed by yet another mountain of potato chips. This time it was General Tao Chicken. This is why I love President's Choice! Needless to say, we bought a lot of potato chips tonight.

One of President's Choice most famous products is their "Memories of..." sauces. It's just a clever marketing gimmick for international marinade and dipping sauces, but it's been around as long as I can remember, since the 80's at least. Not that I really needed more bottles of sauce, but sometimes you just have to tell youself, "what the hell... why not?" And this is what happens:

But late night shopping at Superstore on Sunday is great if you're looking to have the entire warehouse of a store to yourself. There were more staff members than customers, and at times, I was visualizing scenes out of Dead Rising or Zombieland. No zombies, alas, but our cupboards are no longer bare.


Anonymous said...

interesting post

God bless you and have a wonderful New Year

Colene said...

Superstore is my fave grocery store too..mostly because I'm cheap but I also like the PC brand. Have you checked out their Joe clothing line? Cheap AND fashionable. I think the designer used to design for Club Monaco (or something like that).

PS. The Roasted Chicken potato chips are to die for.

Robyn said...

Thanks Ron! It's not every day I write blog posts about groceries, that's for sure!

Colene, I haven't really spent time looking at their Joe clothing line because usually I'm too preoccupied buying food! I did see a black dress last night that looked almost too fashionable to be hanging in Superstore, haha... so maybe I should take a better look next time. Maybe I'll make Superstore my after-work pit stop. And I'll pick up the roasted chicken chips - can never have too many unique flavoured potato chips!

Victoria Chan said...

I love the chips at Superstore!
My favourite are the Rib flavoured ones...

Robyn said...

Hey Victoria,

I'll have to try those ribs chips. I saw those as well, but had to put a limit after 4 bags. ;) There's always next time!

Robyn said...

p.s. The General Tao Chicken chips taste like spicy BBQ flavoured chips.

One bag down. 3 more to go!

Robyn said...

The Greek chips are really pungeant with the feta flavouring. Not bad but almost too strong.

2 bags down, 2 to go!

Robyn said...

The Spicy Piri Piri chips are so far the winner... lemon + hot chili = :D