Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ROCK n' SHOTS at the Dark Room Gallery

I like to pretend I'm a concert photographer.

On November 27th, I played flaneuse to the real deal.

I was invited by friend and local photographer, Jason Statler, to the Dark Room Gallery on Kingsway for ROCK 'n SHOTS - a show of concert photography. It featured the works of famed Vancouver concert photographers such as Rebecca Blissett, Bev Davies, Tamara Lee, Adam PW Smith, Spout, and Femke Van Delft. Those in attendance were your expected mix of current-and-former Georgia Straight journalists and music geeks. Icing on the cake was the performance by local band We Found A Lovebird. Oh, and the wine.

I naturally took photos:

Upon leaving the event, we stumbled upon a bricklayer oblivious that it was 9pm.

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