Monday, December 20, 2010

Experiencing a Canucks game from the Metropolis Hot Seats

Canucks and cheese...

... isn't such a strange combo, as I discovered Wednesday night.

One person on Twitter suggested that it was "too fancy for hockey",  but everyone else agreed: there's nothing better than watching hockey from a 500-level executive suite while snacking on an assortment of fine cheeses: applewood smoked cheddar, manchego, stilton, brie, creamy chevre with fresh chives...

I certainly wasn't expecting this!

But cheese wasn't why I was there.

I had been invited as a guest blogger to cover the Canucks vs. Blue Jackets game from the Metropolis Hot Seats - an opportunity I welcomed with open arms. After all, it's not every day you get a chance to experience a hockey game from an executive suite at Rogers Arena.

The view from the Metropolis Hot Seats

What are Metropolis Hot Seats?

Metropolis Hot Seats are exclusive executive suite tickets that you can win from Metropolis at Metrotown.

Every week a handful of lucky winners get the opportunity to experience an event at Rogers Arena in luxury. Even if you're not into hockey, Metropolis at Metrotown has contests for NBA-pre-season games and big name concerts like Lady Gaga, Ozzy Osbourne, and Michael Buble. You can be pretty sure that if there's an event at Rogers Arena, Metropolis at Metrotown will run a contest for you to see it from their executive suite. All you have to do is enter the weekly contest. It's a pretty sweet deal!

How can I win Metropolis Hot Seats?

The next time you're in Burnaby, go to Metropolis at Metrotown and simply ask for a ballot at Customer Service - either the one on the upper level next to Claire's and West 49, or the one on ground level by Forever XXI. 

You can follow them on Twitter ( or "like" them on Facebook ( to receive contest announcements. Each Canucks game or concert is treated as a separate contest, so you can pick and choose what events you'd like to win.

As for what to expect?

How about a bird's eye view of a Canucks game...

From either the bar above...

Or in the seats with unobstructed views below...

You also have your own deluxe private lounge (with private bathroom!) and a fully-catered spread including gourmet cheese, sliders, chicken wings, veggie and fruit platters...

You can reminisce about your previous experiences at Rogers Arena with fellow Canucks fans...

Or simply soak up the excitement of a live hockey game in comfort and luxury...

Better yet, witness the brotherly love of Canucks fans as Kesler scores the winning goal...

Umm... did I mention the sliders?

How about big chewy cookies delivered at the beginning of third period?

But let's go back to that Canucks game, shall we?

I must admit, I'm what you'd call a casual fan of the Canucks, but I can (and do) love the experience of watching live hockey!

I remember fondly 1994, the year the Canucks were in the playoffs against the New York Rangers, waiting at the airport at some ungodly hour in the morning with my dad and little sister, our faces painted orange in anticipation of our heros - Trevor Linden, Pavel Bure, Kirk McLean, and the Courtnalls.

I also remember being on Robson Street in 2002 when Canada's men's hockey team won gold during the Olympics:

What happens when the Canadian men's ice hockey team wins gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics

And, well, I think everyone remembers what happened 10 months ago when Vancouver hosted the 2010 winter Olympics. If you forget, this was the atmosphere inside "Canada Hockey Place" when Canada played Russia (I was there!)

2010-02-24 Canada vs Russia 010

2010-02-24 Canada vs Russia 021

2010-02-24 Canada vs Russia 077

While the Wednesday night game wasn't the Olympics, it was no less exciting. The Canucks were in the lead, but the Blue Jackets tied the game... twice! In fact, the game went into sudden death overtime, something I've never experienced before in person.

The game also happened to be a special tribute to Sweden and the great history the Canucks have had with Swedish players, such as Thomas Gradin, Markus Naslund, Matthias Ohlund, and of course, the Sedin twins.

The night, however, clearly belonged to Kesler, who scored the winning goal in overtime, sending fans (and yours truly), into a frenzy.


Love Your Cake said...

ahhhh!! I won box seats to the Can vs Russia game from BC Hydro during the Olympics and all my pics look just like yours! looks like you had an amazing time and I need to win myself some of these tickets - great post!!

Robyn said...

Thanks Candice! :)

I was given my ticket as a gift for some volunteer work I had been doing, but at the time, nobody had any idea what two countries would be playing... it was just a fluke it ended up being Canada vs. Russia. I think I was seated in 7th or 8th row... it was quite the experience!

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