Friday, November 19, 2010

Vancouver of yesteryear: A collection of Fred Herzog photos


Matthew Watkins said...

Wow that was really nice thanks. It reminds me though of what a local said when I was visiting. I was amazed by the modern architecture but he siad that it was at a cost as the history hasn't been preserved I see what he means now. I would have loved to have seen some of the old vancouver as well perhaps I was just looking in the wrong place.

Robyn said...

Hey Matthew,

Fred Herzog's photography's incredible. He had several exhibits over the past 5 years, and for me, he's like the holy grail of Vancouver time capsules.

The old Vancouver still exists in pockets if you know where to look: Strathcona, Chinatown, Gastown, the Downtown Eastside, etc., but you're right - so much has been demolished.

What I love about his photos is that it captures a vibrancy to Vancouver's past street life that would have otherwise been forgotten.