Friday, November 26, 2010

Scenes from a Vancouver Snow Day

Vancouver had its first taste of snow last Friday evening, but it was yesterday's snowfall that halted the city. I wasn't even supposed to be in Vancouver yesterday - I was supposed to be in Nanaimo for a workshop, but my float plane was cancelled and thus so was my workshop. As a result, I worked from home all day and admired the winter wonderland that Vancouver became, if only for a fleeting moment:


Rachel said...

Those boots look perfect for the snow! My boots got dissed the next day when I stepped in an ankle-deep slush puddle.

Robyn said...

Hey Rachel, those boots *look* perfect for snow... if the snow's dry enough. Unfortunately if it gets wet, the boots soak up the moisture... gross! Once it warmed up I wore a pair of boots I bought for Montreal winters... toasty dry and good down to -25 C!