Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brian Eno in Vancouver

March 1993 - the month I discovered my taste in music. I listened to U2's Achtung Baby and my life changed forever. Cliches aside, Achtung Baby made me into the music geek I am today. But despite all my music geekdom, I never considered myself a fan of Brian Eno, mostly due to ignorance. I mean, I knew his more accessible projects - Roxy Music, U2, Passengers, collaborations with David Byrne, etc. - but never felt the urge to, say, discover Music for Airports. Ambient music, despite my love for more obscure ambient shoegaze crap (Ulrich Schnauss, anyone?), just never appealed to me. 

My loss, I suppose.

Despite all this, I jumped at the chance to see Brian Eno do a lecture at Vancouver's Vogue Theatre. He was in town by coincidence. The Vancouver Art Gallery managed to snag him for their Culture Series before his 4am flight to Brazil. He was in Calgary the night before because his art installation, 77 Million Paintings, is at the Glenbow Museum. ("That doesn't seem to be somewhere one would associate with Eno", an acquaintance of mine suggested.) In any case, if one's flying to Brazil, I suppose Vancouver's where you get your connecting flight. How fortunate for Vancouver!

So I sat through 2 hours of Brian Eno speaking that night and it was not unlike my art history lectures at UBC. It was all very geeky and academic and scientific and right up my alley. But rather than review the lecture here, I figured I'll link to the site I wrote it for:

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