Monday, November 30, 2009

International flags all over the sidewalks

Late on Friday night after many a glass of wine at Section 3, a group of us stumbled our way through Yaletown on our way to Fritz Fries - our favourite late night snack house for those times when you're really craving a smoked meat poutine.

As we were walking down Hamilton Street, I noticed a series of round international flag decals on the pavement. These were installed a few days prior in preparation for the 2010 Olympics. The idea was to connect the South Granville and Yaletown neighbourhoods to BC Place Stadium via a "flag walk".

Well, Friday night was my first encounter with the flags on the sidewalk. I was in such good spirits that with each step I took I would gleefully yelp out the country of whose flag I was passing. Some flags are obvious. Others? Not so much. But how I managed to correctly identify Kazakhstan's and Azerbaijan's flags that drunken Friday night, I'm not entirely sure.

For more information on the flag walk, check out the Vancouver Sun's story, here.

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