Tuesday, October 27, 2009

U2 @ BC Place

So tomorrow U2 is playing Vancouver's BC Place.  I haven't missed a U2 concert in Vancouver since I became obsessed with them as a 12 year old girl during their Zoo TV/Zooropa era.

But I'm so disappointed about the venue. BC Place is possibly the world's worst venue for a concert. Initially built for Expo 86, the cavernous cement bunker's as far as an acoustic-friendly venue as it gets. For one thing, it has an inflatable roof which just sucks in all the sound. In fact, you'd probably have better sound quality listening to a band through an echo chamber or through a subway tunnel. Oh, and it's where the 2010 Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies will be held. That should be... amusing.

The good news is that they're planning to rid BC Place of its iconic white roof, replacing it with a very Euro-styled retractable one:

I've actually seen a lot of big shows at BC Place over the years. Some of my first concerts, in fact. Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones back in 1994. U2's PopMart Tour in 97. Madonna last year. But the sound has consistently been horrible.

But tomorrow's show should be interesting, anyway. We have General Admission tickets, which is standing room. Doors open at 5pm. The Black Eyed Peas go on at 7pm and U2 go on probably around 9-ish. I haven't even looked into the potential playlist (which I've typically done before every U2 show). All I know is that they've resurrected some Unforgettable Fire tracks. If they play the title track live, I'll have died and gone to heaven! But it still hasn't hit me yet that I'm going to see U2 tomorrow. I guess when I find myself at BC Place in a sea of 60,000 people, reality will hit me soon enough.


Bruce said...

Can you shoot me an email? I've been looking for some advice as to how to dress (I'm in Calgary) and I wasn't sure if the roof was going to be retracted or not...do you know?


Robyn said...

How to dress for the U2 show? BC Place's roof isn't retractable yet. The retractable roof won't be complete until 2011. They haven't even started construction yet. No need to dress for the cold - it'll be warm inside, I guarantee it. :)