Friday, August 7, 2009

October in August?

After weeks (okay, months) of non-stop sunshine, and after a week and a bit of a pretty intense heat wave (including tropical humidity and an entire city-wide sell-out of air conditioners and fans) - we're now having October in August.


August is known for heat waves.
August is known for sunshine and warm, summery temperatures.
August is typically the prime of summer in Vancouver.

So what's with the grey skies? What's with the cool temperatures? Why did I break out the autumn jacket and jeans?


Because the temperature's a measly 16 degrees Celsius outside!

Quite a change considering that a week ago, it was 36 degrees!

While this is a nice break, this appears to be the week's forecast - an unusual cold spell for Vancouver for this time of year. While it won't be popular at the beach, I hope it translates into relief for the hundreds of forest fires choking up British Columbia.

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