Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Montreal vs. Vancouver vs. Oslo

Here's a hilarious comparison between life in Montreal, Vancouver, and Oslo. I can vouch for his accuracy of Montreal and Vancouver, and though I've never been to Oslo, I can't imagine it's that far off.


ubringliten said...

Funny stuffs! Thanks!

Dark Ages said...

I really liked reading this... I live in Montreal and I am moving to Vancouver in 2 weeks. His portrayal of Mtl is 100% accurate... and his views of Vancouver make the city seem refreshing!

Astri said...

I live just outside of Oslo (10 min. or so), this was funny stuff!

"It's Europe. People aren't constantly taking each other to court." :)

"No drinking during the week, massive binge drinking all weekend" This is just Norway at it's best.

"There is no word for "please"" Vær så snill? But yes, this is kind of true, no one uses it..

"Norwegians love station wagons." so true

The hole "test" was just hillarius. I loved it, thanks ;) It dosen't put Norway in the worst light, or does it? Yes, things are grenerally expensive here, but bisides that...! :P