Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vancouver timelapse

I'm sitting here in my Yaletown shoebox apartment over 20 floors above the city below, and it's so foggy that I can't even see the buildings across the street! On a clear day, however, the view is something else. I think that's a quintessential part of the downtown Vancouver tower living experience: the view. Scrap that - whether you live downtown or not, or in a tower or not, Vancouver is all about the view. And I don't mean the TV show.

One of my neighbours - whom I have never met, but must live nearby as I can clearly spot my apartment building in his video (!) - took this fantastic timelapse of the view:

Music: Silverfish Eyelashes by KC Accidental (who would go on to form Broken Social Scene)

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Matthew Watkins said...

Awesome video, although the ferry didn't look quite real rather amusing. It was nice to see some of those views again though, I had dinner in the revolving restaurant late one night my friend and I ate slowly so we could see the sunset it was amazing. It would have been very romantic except I was with a male friend and my girlfriend was back in the UK. So we tried very hard to be manly about