Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday night in the snow

It's just after 11pm on a Saturday night and just as predicted, it has started to snow... but this time the snow is sticking! It's amazing to see in how just one hour the city can change itself into a winter wonderland!

I just phoned my significant other who is, believe it or not, working at this late hour, but away from windows. I told him to go outside. His reaction over the phone was priceless.

There is something so exciting about walking into a building without windows - a restaurant, a theatre, a nightclub, anywhere really - and upon leaving, discovering everything has been covered in snow since you've been inside.

I remember back in 2002, friends and I went to the Blinding Light!! Cinema (when it still existed) in Gastown to see The Matrix synchronized to the entire discography of Radiohead. When we walked into the theatre, it was clear outside. After the film, Gastown was covered in snow and everyone was in complete awe. It was just magical!

Then two years ago, friends of mine threw a birthday party at the Anza Club. The main floor feels a bit like a church hall with its stage, tables and chairs. But they have this secret lounge downstairs that's not only out of a 70's time warp, but the only way to access it is to go through the bathroom! The lounge has a fireplace, comfy couches, pool tables, and darts. What it doesn't have are windows. So that night after spending hours drinking, playing darts, and enjoying one another's company, we all shuffled outside to find the entire ground covered in snow. Everyone immediately ran around in delight.

Tonight when I noticed that it was snowing, I opened the window to take some photos. Usually on Saturday nights I'll hear drunken people spilling out of the nearby nightclubs. Well, as the snow fell tonight, the atmosphere completely changed. I could hear people shrieking and laughing in pure joy of the snow, probably stumbling outside for the first time in hours, discovering a fairytale world. So sure, nobody's prepared for the snow in this city, but it makes everybody see the world as if they were 6 years old, and I like it for that.


Karen Cooper said...

Isn't it magical in Vancouver when it snows? The whole city looks different.

Frankie / Nick said...

We expect some snow now and again through the winter months, but normally Vancouverites are totally surprised and taken a back, lol. It's beautiful, so clean and bright. Great photos!

Robyn said...

Thanks! :)

I'll have to post the photos I took today. It's been beautifully sunny for the past two days and the mountains just look gorgeous.

And I agree, the city not only looks different, it feels different.

Mark Base said...

Alas, the snow in Helsingborg (Sweden) has vanished again. Looks like I'll have to post about snowfall number three (if and when it occurs).

Unknown said...

Great to know that at least someone is having fun (with snow that is). It barely snowed in London. All we had was those irritating drizzle that lasted the entire day. Argh!

Robyn said...

We normally have drizzle, so the snow is still a bit of a novelty! :)

Mark, we just had our third snowfall. This time I actually walked around downtown and took pictures (instead of lazily snapping photos out of my window).