Monday, September 28, 2009

Like tears in rain

And so the rainy season has begun. I'm sure it'll only last for a week and then it'll be gloriously sunny again for October, but you know the season's changing when you actually keep your sunroof closed on the drive home, and turn on the heat!

But it's not all bad of course. Downtown Vancouver gets all atmospheric and Blade Runner-like this time of year. And so appropriately, Blade Runner was playing on HDNet tonight. I love that movie so much.

Where did September go?

All things considered, September was a spectacular month. I have high hopes for October, although the immediate forecast is for gloomy, cold rain. Temperatures at 11 Celsius I can do without, but it sure makes a good excuse to wear my wool coats again.

Fall fashion FTW.


Colene said...

Brr, today was a rude awakening from last week's sunny weather!

btw, i was watching blade runner too! Poor Sean Young..whatever happened to her career?

Robyn said...

I was actually wondering the exact same thing, but completely forgot to check up imdb. Rutger Hauer on the other hand, yowza! It's so hard to believe he's a 65 year old man now!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Vancouver friends have let me know that the monsoon (with small 'm') has arrived after weeks of fine weather.

We're still having 20/21 C days with mostly sunny skies and an amazing lack of rain. It will all change this weekend we are informed. Hey ho, autumn/fall has it's owen charms.

Robyn said...

Enjoy the summer while you still have it! But I agree, autumn definitely has its charm. I just like my autumn to be gradual. And not 28 C one week and 6 C the next, you know? ;)