Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brrrr! Winter, is that you?

So last night, after our crazy monsoon/hailstorm (which I didn't actually witness due to being inside a windowless room at work at the time), the clouds cleared up and apparently... apparently, the first dusting of snow arrived on our local mountains.


Or not so great. Temperatures were a chilly 7 degrees Celsius yesterday evening. You know, where you want to snuggle up to the fireplace and wear a big comfy sweater, where you crave beef stew and things of that nature?

It's all very disorienting considering we were basking in summer up until a week ago.

But so it goes.

This morning at quarter to 7, half of Vancouver was encased in fog - the true sign of autumn in Vancouver, although my car thermometer read 6 degrees Celsius this morning. That's not autumn, that's winter!

So be it.

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