Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kitsilano - Vancouver's sexiest beach?

Kitsilano Beach on a slower, colder day

So it turns out that Forbes Traveler magazine has ranked Vancouver's meat market, Kits Beach, as one of the Top 10 Sexiest Beaches in North America.

Funnier yet is this photo which they decided to include with their article.

What were they thinking? Is that even Vancouver? It looks like it was taken in the Fraser River!

I mean, if you're going to write about the splendour of beachside debauchery "among the sand, beachwood, and mountain vistas", at least use a photo that fits the profile, like this!

Needless to say, the local media are in a frenzy about the ranking. Not a Michael Jackson-proportioned frenzy, thankfully.


Matthew Watkins said...

It is a very nice beach, we really don't have beaches like that in the UK. I was amazed by the amount of people sunbathing when I walked around the stanley park peninsula and the views were amazing, I mean the mountains in the background of course.

Robyn said...

Haha, of course. ;)

Yeah, Stanley Park's beaches can be quite lively on any given sunny day. Speaking of the sunshine, it appears to have revisited us here! Helloooo sun!

How has your summer been in the UK so far?

Matthew Watkins said...

Summer has gone now in the UK, as I wrote on my blog we had a week of 30C+ and have had heavy rain on and off for the past 2 weeks since. Its been getting like this more often in the UK last summer was a literal washout with one nice week early on. Hence why we have had some flooding issues in recent years.