Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kale & Nori's West Coast Recipe Series

Photos from last Thursday's Kale & Nori event at the BC Liquor Store on Bute and Alberni. Thanks to Lauren Mote and Jonathan Chovancek for your tasty treats and sumptuous cocktails. Details will come shortly:


Annette said...

Hi Robyn,

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Matthew Watkins said...

You haven't blogged in a while I hope your okay?


Robyn said...

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for checking in! I'm totally okay, just blogging for a living now at - so I've put this on the backburner, although... maybe I should resurrect it. ;)

Matthew Watkins said...

Excellent I am glad, just had a look at 604 Pulse it's good to see your still blogging and doing something you love for a living. All the best with that.

Sammy J's Grill & Bar said...

Love the blog Robyn, keep up the good work. We just used one of your awesome photos in one of our posts. Come back and visit us anytime.

Your friends at Sammy J's

Jan's Travel and Tours said...

Nice post...I love that cute foods prepared by Kale and Nori.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn, I totally loved your blog, pictures, writing, everything.I am planning a visit to Vancouver in July. I have done my usual traveler's research(location not to miss in Vancouver). But as a resident there, could you tell me one of your favorite spots to look at the city from a roof top. Also if there are any fun events happening in July around 6th ~ 7th?


Que buena presencia tiene esos finger food.!!!
Excelente el blog!

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