Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brewery Creek Beer Festival - US

My first trip to the Armoury aka: the Beatty Street Drill Hall was a week ago Friday for the Brewery Creek Beer Festival - US as a part of the Vancouver Craft Beer Week. Imagine 20 or so American breweries serving craft beer in a giant drill hall... that was my Friday:

The orange blossom ale was intriguing...
The Kentucky bourbon barrel ale was delicious...

Re-up BBQ was there - they make amazing pulled pork sandwiches
I opted for a smokey made with craft beer... best decision of the night!


Ben said...


What's a good place to watch game 7 tomorrow night if you don't have a ticket, that is also slightly less crazy (relatively speaking)?

Robyn said...


Depends what you're looking for.

The Refinery on Granville Street (upstairs from Sips) would fit that bill. They have TV's and amazing drinks/food... but the word hasn't spread that they're set up for the game, so it should definitely be "slightly less crazy".

At work we've been going to Section 3 in Yaletown as we've always managed to get a table.

Almost everywhere has TV's set up.

You're obviously in town! Send me an e-mail. robynmhanson @ gmail