Friday, April 1, 2011

604 Pulse

If you're wondering why I haven't been posting much on here anymore, it's because as of last month I've been busy at work compiling, curating, producing, and ultimately publishing a new blog for one of our clients, the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains tourism region.

Just a recap, but Vancouver Coast & Mountains (VCM) is a massive region spanning all of Vancouver, the whole Lower Mainland, the Fraser Valley and the Fraser Canyon, the Sea to Sky corridor - including the entire Duffy Lake Road area - and the Sunshine Coast.

The blog is called 604 Pulse:

The idea is to get people (i.e.: you!) inspired to explore the region - not just our own neighbourhood - but to get out and visit places that are often within an hour or two drive away.

Yes, I guess it's true. I have my dream job!

Monday I post "Weekday Activities" - cool things you can do during the week.

Tuesdays I post "Family Activities" - family-friendly activities you can experience.

Wednesdays are the "Outdoor Activities" post where I detail outdoor excursions that often revolve around hiking, bird-watching, winter sports, or simply window shopping.

Thursdays revolve around "Indoor Activities" - museums, galleries, restaurants, markets, and other places with a roof over top.

Fridays are fun with "Hidden Secrets" - highlighting the lesser known gems that maybe the locals know, but the general populace does not.

The idea is, I'm scouring the internet to find what other people are saying about these places, these experiences. I'm not writing why *I* think it's cool - I'm finding why fellow bloggers like it, and I'm passing it along.

Needless to say, check it out:

Follow me on Twitter and humour me: @604pulse.

And please, please, please... if you have suggestions for content, let me know. Feedback's greatly appreciated. :)

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