Friday, June 18, 2010

AWOL in Toronto for NxNE

Young Galaxy at Toronto's Mod Club - June 17, 2010
Photo by Robyn Hanson for Guttersnipe

Just a quick update here from Toronto. That's right. I'm in Toronto right now - my first time (I know, I know). I've been invited to be the photographer for Vancouver-based Guttersnipe website for their NxNE festival coverage.

This also partially explains why I haven't been posting as many updates on this blog, as I've been spending much more time improving (or at least trying to improve) my concert photography skills, which you can also find on the aforementioned site.

Needless to say, my updates here are going to be hit and miss for the next little while. Will report back on my NxNE escapades shortly!


Blogger said...

Go you! You're officially a globetrotting rock photographer. Sweet!

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hey Robyn!

How does someone get in contact with you via email?

Robyn said...

Thanks everyone!

Anthony, send me an e-mail via robynmhanson [at] gmail.