Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gray whale in False Creek?

What is this news I read?

What is this picture* I see?

There's a gray whale swimming in False Creek?

False Creek?!!

The former industrial ocean inlet on the south shore of the downtown Vancouver peninsula?

This can only mean two things:

False Creek's getting healthier, or the rest of the Georgia Strait's getting worse.

Post Edit Babble: The fact that there are even gray whales in the Georgia Strait is newsworthy enough. But False Creek? That takes it to a whole new realm of weirdness. Reports yesterday claimed that gray whales were swimming in Howe Sound. Normally you only get orcas in the Georgia Strait, not gray whales. Gray whales are otherwise found on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the open Pacific Ocean. I wonder what it means?

*For real photos, check out this great story from VancouverIsAwesome!


Robyn said...

I'm still baffled! I can't get this off my mind. Maybe the Georgia Strait's getting healthier so that it's attracting gray whales? Or does that signify that the Pacific's actually getting worse? Ack!

Robyn said...

Ooh, and another news link (this has a real photo):