Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October = peak autumn colour

maple leaves falling on Homer Street
Sure, I argue that Vancouver (and all of BC) isn't known for its autumn colours. (Hello Québec? I think that's you). But on my drive home along Oak Street, I can't help but admire the beauty of the mature oaks, maples, and chestnuts that line those affluent residential city blocks. (Shaughnessy? Yes, that's you). It's like a canopy of golden light - especially beautiful when the sun hits it after a morning of rain.

Now, I still wouldn't recommend tourists to come here specifically for autumn colours, and yet, if you stick within the city limits, it can truly be spectacular. Magical, even. It appears that this year, 2009, the peak autumn colour has been the first half of October. It's only now with late night rains that the leaves have been falling off the branches. The leaves left on the sidewalk, though? They're like confetti. Beautiful, exquisite confetti from the Japan. I blame it on the Japanese maples - the unofficial tree of Vancouver.

The secret is to get outside downtown into the residential blocks along the West Side: Dunbar, Fairview, Shaughnessy, Kitsilano, West Point Grey, etc. Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone, or I'd share with you the crimsons, oranges and golds of my commute. Maybe I'll bring my camera with me tomorrow. Until then, we'll have to settle on my distant shots of Fairview and Shaughnessy across False Creek:


Zeeshan said...

Seems so calm and beautiful!

Robyn said...

Yeah, autumn definitely creates that mood!